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In Year 3, children will learn to format text, to express time, place, and cause, and to use more complex word forms.            This includes:


  • using conjunctions, adverbs, and prepositions to express time, place, and cause
  • using paragraphs, headings, and subheadings
  • using the past perfect form.                                                                                                                             


In Spelling the children will learn to spell more complex word forms and will start to use dictionaries. 


In Writing children will learn to plan in detail, to use imaginative ideas, and to write with a particular purpose in mind.        This includes:


  • talking about similar pieces of writing, and using these to help them plan their own
  • using a rich vocabulary and a range of sentence structures
  • creating settings, characters, and plots for stories


This term the children will be learning different Genres of writing staring with a newspaper article.

The first lesson started with a mystery. The children found a mystery chest left by the builders. We then 'Hot Seated', children took it in turns to be the person who left the chest.