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The text we are focussing on right now is Little Red Reading Hood. This is a different take on the classic traditional tale with a surprise ending!

Over the next few weeks, we will rewrite the story in our own words by focussing on story language, description and other features of traditional tales.




Here's how we're getting on ...

First, we went on a woodland sensory walk to help us think about what Little Red Reading Hood experienced as she walked through the woods. We had a great time and found lots of woodland treasures to bring back to school with us!


Remember to use our reading Strategies for word reading.

Top Ten Tips for parents helping their child learn to read

Here are some activities that will help you with reading for understanding.

Polar animals






The Fox

Emperor Penguin's Life Cycle

Beach Habitat

Layers of the Ocean

RWI Set 1 and Set 2/3 Speed Sounds Booklets for parents to help their child learn to read through phonics

Here is our class list of the Common Exception words (in black) and High Frequency Words (in blue) that we need to be able to read and write before we leave Key Stage One.