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Our Literacy Learning!




Be inspired! We have learnt about lots of genres of writing so far this term, seeing the children produce engaging Diary Entries from the perspective of Magnus the main character in our class book 'Anglo Saxon Boy', as well as writing a Narrative based on a battle that we have read about in our story too!


For even more ideas to inspire your child in their writing, here are some websites to provide you with some helpful ideas:

Once Upon a Picture - Fantastic pictures/drawings to inspire your writing

Literacy Shed

Pobble - They are uploading one picture a day to inspire writing ideas.


Anglo Saxon Boy By Tony Bradman


Our English topic this term is centred around the Anglo Saxon period, with our story told from the perspective of Magnus a 12 year boy who finds himself in the middle of a family dispute for who is the rightful ruler of England. The child have started their immersive lessons by using drama and role play, helping them to understand what the character of Magnus is feeling.  This helped the children produce engaging diary entries that saw them draw from their knowledge from the book and their immersion lessons too. 

For their Narrative writing, the children will be concentrating on writing their own short story, thinking about what may happen next in our story, what consequences this will have for Magnus and will also see them use the skills they have learnt from our SPaG lessons to make their writing more succinct. 


Look at how hard we have been working!