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In Foundation 1 we develop our mathematical skills through enjoyment of number rhymes and action songs. Children begin to use number names through play and will use their knowledge to compare amounts, they show interest in representing numbers during everyday life. We explore shapes everyday through construction building with blocks and bricks. The children enjoy looking for shapes indoors and outdoors. I wonder what shapes you can find at home.


Here are just a few links to videos we enjoy:


Let’s count 1-10.

1,2,3,4,5, -Once I caught a fish alive.

5 little ducks. 

5 little speckled frogs.

The shape dance.


As children move into Foundation two they explore numbers up to 20. They learn the value of numbers, and how to use their number knowledge to solve problems. Children develop skills that help them use their knowledge to use money, calculate more or less and work out doubling and halving. Children use shape, space and measure skills to understand size, weight, capacity, position, distance and time.


Here's some activities that you can try at home.