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Childrens Independance

Greater emphasis on Independence

Starting in September we are going to be working on developing the children’s level of independence so that we are equipping them for the next stage of their education and building good life skills. What to do if there is a problem and how to handle a falling out with a friend are some examples.


We would also like to trial something new for children in Y2/3/4/5/6 in the mornings only. We ask that parents/carers drop their children off at the door from the playground and don’t come into the school building. This is to help the children get their own coats and bags hung up and prepare themselves for the day.  Home-time will remain the same as it is now – you will be welcome to come inside and collect your children from class. We really don’t want to exclude you from school or lose that contact but we feel that a greater balance is needed. Messages can always be passed on via the member of staff on the door in the morning or you can speak with your child’s teacher after school.