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Welcome to our Year 6 History Topic!


Our history topic will span over the Autumn Term.


Is War Ever Justified?


I hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing Summer Holiday! As we return to school on the 2nd of September we will start our new history topic. We will be focusing on the enquiry question 'Is War Ever Justified?' for this topic we will explore the history of World War 1 and World War 2, understanding the outbreak of war, life in the trenches and what it means to be an evacuee, as well as much more!


Our Key Learnings!


  • To recognise and interpret secondary sources to find out about an aspect of the past.
  • Introduction of 'War'.
  • To compare beliefs and behaviours with another time period.
  • To recall and place a range of relevant events on a timeline.
  • To understand why the war was called 'The Great War'.
  • To use factual knowledge to describe past events.


And in our final weeks of learning we will be answering our question of 'Is War Ever Justified?'

Private Peaceful


Thomas - 'Tommo' - Peaceful recalls his young life to date: growing up on the country estate owned by the Colonel; family life with his spirited mother and older brothers Charlie and Big Joe; love for Molly; enlisting in the army at the outbreak of war. Then military training, fighting alongside Charlie in the trenches of the Western Front and the events that will bring his narrative to its final painful conclusion.