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Welcome to our Year 5 Geography Topic!


Our geography topic will span over the Summer Term.


What is the Difference Between Surviving and Living?


Our class theme for the Summer term is about Refugees and what it means to survive in a very different and difficult landscape.


For our project we will focus on the question 'What is the Difference Between Surviving and Living?' this question will allow the children to think and explore, using the book Parvana's Journey to guide our learning in Reading and English!


See an image of our Curriculum Journey below to see what we are learning!


  • In Week 1 and 2 we will explore different parts of the world.
  • In Week 3 we will understand how a refugee lives, survives and returns back to their homeland.
  • In Week 4 we will explore different refugee camps.
  • In Week 5 we will explore how camp life can be improved.
  • In Week 6 we will explore and compare our lives with those of refugee children.
  • In Week 7 we will understand that people we admire can be refugees too.
  • In Week 8 and Week 9 we will become immersed in the story of a refugee, deciding which path we would take if we were faced with similiar challenges.


And in our final weeks of learning we will be answering our question of 'What is the Difference Between Surviving and Living?'


Over the course of learning about refugees, we will even have a visit from someone who used to free and save refugees from war being part of the British Army and how he provided aid, food and water for those suffering!




Parvana's Journey


Parvana's Journey is about a young girl's talent for friendship, hope and gritty determination despite the ravages of war. Sometimes shocking and sad, always compelling, this novel takes an honest, compassionate look at the situation in Afghanistan, and the courage and resilience that can keep children afloat even in the most terrible circumstances.


This is the sequel to The Breadwinner, a book by Deborah Ellis that we read during Story Time over the previous lockdown - this gripped the children in our class and they are excited to read the next story by Deborah Ellis.