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"Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future." - Michael Palin


This term, the children's project work will focus around Geography. We will begin by focusing on the continent of Europe, exploring its countries and major cities. The children will then zoom in on Spain and learn about its key human and physical characteristics. Through the development of these skills, knowledge and concepts, we will answer our key question of:


                Would you rather live in Spain or the UK?


Our geographical enquiry will help us unpick the differences between life in the UK and Spain. To do this, we will explore the weather, climate, land use and economic activity. We will also experience and learn about Spanish customs and traditions, such as La Tomatina and bullfighting.


One of the aims of this key project is for our children to see that there is more to Spain than the popular tourist destinations. To do this, we will explore the differences between living on the coast and inland Spain. 


Would you rather live in Spain or England?





How many facts about Spain can you pick out of these videos? Let us know what you learnt!

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Here we are comparing the English and Spanish coastlines!

Here are some games and activities to support your learning in Geography!