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In our History lessons this half term, we will answer the question ...


How have human rights heroes made a difference to our world?

This topic has a focus on significant individuals. The children will focus on individuals from the past (and present) who have made a difference. Each individual has taken a stand against injustice and has made courageous acts against unfairness. The significant individuals pupils will study have been chosen for their contribution to justice and fairness for all. They are civil rights activists who have fought to bring about change in society. The human rights heroes pupils will study are: Marcus Rashford, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Malala Yousafzai.


We will begin by focussing on the concept of significance. They will consider what makes a person important or significant to them, before considering criteria for significance and how to measure individuals against this criterion, to consider the impact they have had.

The children will then learn about human rights. They will debate about what is fair or unfair before learning about the creation of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the role that Eleanor Roosevelt played in this.

After this, our lessons will then focus on the significant individuals in turn (chronologically). The children will learn about the key events in each activist’s life, considering which human rights they were fighting for.

They then weigh each individual against the significance criterion, measuring the impact they have had and contemplating why the individuals are deemed as ‘significant’ today. To conclude our topic, Year 2 will think about the impact each individual has had on our world by considering whether life would be different today if the activists had not fought for justice and fairness.







What will we learn about during this unit?

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