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In our History lessons this half term, we will answer the question ...


How was the most powerful monarch?


In this unit, pupils are introduced to monarchs chronologically - in their dynasties - to help them gain a coherent and linear narrative of Britain’s ruling past, from 1066. In the lessons, each dynasty is represented in turn, from the Normans to the present day Windsors. Within each dynasty, significant monarchs are studied. It is true that every British monarch could be deemed as significant and with an interesting story to share. However, it is not possible within this unit to study every single one. Instead, a guiding concept - The Battle for Power - has been used in the selection process. The monarchs chosen from each dynasty share this commonality; they have all battled for power in some way. As pupils work their way through the timeline of royal dynasties, they will learn how the crown has changed hands as a result of conquest and about the battle between the crown and parliament. Over time, they will see how restraints have been placed on monarchs throughout the centuries, changing Britain from an absolutist to a constitutional monarchy.

What will we learn about during this unit?

Watch these videos to further your knowledge on our History topic!

William the Conqueror

For teachers' notes and more: The animation tells the story of William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066 and its aftermath. It starts with the background to the invasion including the claims to the English throne made by both Harold of Wessex and William Duke of Normandy.

King Henry VIII

Find out what Henry VIII, King of England was famous for, as young English Heritage Members Damon and Amelia step back in time to visit his childhood home at Eltham Palace. Discover what it was like to work for the king in a Tudor castle, learn the story behind his six wives and find out what's involved in medieval archery.

Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth 2nd Facts for Kids by Miss Ellis #educationionalvideo Let's learn all about Queen Elizabeth 2nd. This video tells you all about the Queen's coronation, her life, the royal family and it has lots of fun facts about Queen Elizabeth too. Watch this educational video to learn all about the Queen of the United Kingdom.