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"Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future." - Michael Palin


How can we be the change we want to see in the world?


This term, the children's project work will focus around Geography. We will begin by focusing on the seven continents, five oceans and the Equator. The children will then 'zoom in' on the areas of the world where rainforests are located, in particular South America.

We will learn about the geographical features of a rainforest and compare our own village to one located in these climates. We will then look at the effect humans have on rainforests and the animals that live there. Our final project will be a fund-raiser to help us donate money to one of the many charities that support animals endangered by deforestation.



What will we learn during this project?

Watch these videos to learn about the rainforests of the world, the animals that live there and the rainforests are so important. Let us know any facts you learn!

Facts about the Amazon Rainforest

Facts about the Amazon Rainforest For kidsHow much do you know about the Amazon rainforest? Did you know that the Amazon is so big that if it was a country i...

Why the Rainforest Is Important to All of Us

No matter where we live, the rainforest is important to all of us. Help protect it today.Narrated by Luke MullenVideo by Gavin Edwards, Movult Motion Graphic...

Rainforest Animals - Educational Video

Facts for kids! Which animals live in the rainforest? Is the tapir a mix of wild boar and anteater? And what kind of animal actually is the okapi? You'll fin...

Develop your Geography skills by playing these games!