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How can energy transform?

How can I transform my energy for the good of others?

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Learning Focus 1: On the Road to Emmaus

Learning Focus 2: The Gift of the Holy Spirit for Everyone

Learning Focus 3: Saul is Transformed by the Holy Spirit
Learning Focus 4: Transformed by the Holy Spirit
Learning Focus 5: The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
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Learning Focus 6: Living Transformed by the Holy Spirit



  1. How would you like the Spirit to help you bring about change in your daily life?
  2. How might the fruit of the Holy Spirit help to change and transform the world in which you live?
  3. In what ways might the Holy Spirit’s power and inspiration be experienced in your local Church community?
During this important time of Lent in our Catholic calendar, below you will find resources to help you with prayer, understanding Lent and activities you can complete.
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