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Religious Education is at the heart of the education we provide for our children at St Mary's. Here are some resources you might find useful to continue this Catholic education at home. 


CAFOD Website - Catholic education home resources

Help for creating liturgies at home


Year 4 Lenten Topic Giving and Receiving


Our current topic in RE is Giving and Receiving. Our lives are marked by many different experiences of giving and receiving many things. For this topic, the Children have been building up to answer our 'Big Question' which is 'What is more important, giving or receiving?'

Some key questions we are beginning to unpick are; 

Why is giving important as well as receiving?

Why is it important to live in communion?

What are the joys and demands of giving and receiving?


The children have really engaged well in our lessons and have come up with some thought provoking questions and answers which have been brilliant in leading discussions. They have also been able to make links between scripture and their own lives and this is evident in the amazing work they have produced so far in their writing!



Collective Worship


To start the Season of Lent, Year 4 planned and delivered their own Collective Worship which was both beautifully reflective and engaging to listen to. The children set up our focal point with The Bible, a candle, a cross and at the beginning, they changed the cloth from green to purple to signify that Lent had started according to the Church's Liturgical Year. They also involved the whole class by asking thought-provoking questions and handing out a mission to each which asked them how they will follow in Jesus' footsteps with a footprint outline to write on. To end, they closed with a song 'Our God is a Great Big God' which was the perfect way to conclude. 

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