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Children in Foundation learn to make sense of their community through opportunities to explore and find out about people, places and religions. We practise the Catholic faith and introduce other religions to the children through multi-faith weeks, in order for children to understand similarities and differences between cultures.


In Foundation we gather together each day in quiet reflection and pray.






RE – Our world


Our RE current topic is Our World – Universal church.


For many people, some places in the world are special. For others the whole world is special.

We all feel a need to look after what is special to us. Sometimes it is easy to explain why things are special. At other times it might be difficult to put into words why something is special.


Christians believe that the diversity of the world and its people is God’s gift.

“We are one body in Christ, depending on one another. Let each one of us, therefore, serve according to our different gifts…. Let love be sincere. Hate what is evil and hold to whatever is good.” (Romans 12: 4-11)


Have a think about…

  • What are your special places and why?
  • Can you recall an occasion when you were hurt or angry by the way your special place was treated by others?

     Why were you hurt or angry?

     What did you do?

  • How do you look after the special places to you?
  • Do you know any groups who campaign because of the way people or our world are being treated today?




Pope Francis addresses the world - Watch this animation of a letter written by Pope Francis addressed to everyone in the world.


Think about and discuss…

  • What do you think Pope Francis means by ‘common home’? 
  • How are you contributing to climate change?
  • Do you recycle products? Why?
  • Is there anything else you can do to help our world?
  • Why do you think Pope Francis wrote this letter?


Activities for you to do at home…

  • Recycle as much as possible and talk about how recycling stops waste going to landfills.
  • Draw a picture of the Earth and write/draw ways around it that we can help.
  • Go outside and enjoy the things around you. What do you hear? Smell? See?
  • Go on a litter pick to look after our local community.
  • Paint wonderful things in God’s world.
  • Collage using natural materials (inside or outdoors, small or large scale). Add a caption to the picture.





         God said, “Take care of the world”




One of the wonderful things we praise God for is water. It is a precious gift from God and we need to use it well and not waste it.

  • Every time you use water this week, we will put a cube or counter in a tub or jar or make a mark on a piece of paper (e.g. flushing the toilet, washing hands, having a bath, having a drink). At the end of the week, count up the cubes/marks to show how often we use water.
  • Talk with the children about how it’s good to use water to keep us healthy and clean but explain how we might waste water. How might we save water?
  • Make a sign for home as a reminder not to waste water.
  • Use malleable materials to create different parts of God’s wonderful world.