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Children in Foundation learn to make sense of their community through opportunities to explore and find out about people, places and religions. We practise the Catholic faith and introduce other religions to the children through multi-faith weeks, in order for children to understand similarities and differences between cultures.


In Foundation we gather together each day in quiet reflection and pray.






Our current topic is Friends - Reconciliation

God is kind, understanding, loving and gentle, always ready to forgive and never changes.


Networks of friendships and relationships enable human beings to live together.  When a child’s power to reach out, trust and make friends is diminished, they may suffer the effects for a lifetime.  Both children and adults have to discover their ability to reach out and repair what has been damaged. If human beings are to live together in relationships, there is always need for reconciliation.


Have a think about how this relates to you and your family:

  • Recall a time when you were reconciled to someone else.                             
  • How might that person have felt?
  • What or who made the reconciliation possible? 
  • How did you feel?                                                                 

Activities for you to do at home to show how we cherish friendship and how we continue our friendships even after a fall out.

  • Make a friendship bracelet for someone. 
  • Play games together, taking turns and listening to each other.
  • Paint a picture or create a picture of a friend. Draw a picture of your friend, put friendship words (e.g. loving, kind, caring, sharing etc), around your picture  and talk about what you like about your friend and what you do together.
  • Make up a ‘friendship action song’ to include smiling, shaking hands, giving a hug, sharing your sweets etc. to the tune of ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush...’

This is the way, we share our sweets, share our sweets x 2,

This is the way, we share our sweets if we want to be good friends.



Make time to reflect on the friendships and relationships you have in your lives. Gather round a focus (maybe a candle and some work you have completed).   Have a quiet moment together to reflect on and appreciate how we all have friends and are a friend to others.

-Think about our friends.

-Appreciate what makes a good friend.

-Consider how friendship can be spoiled and how we can make up.

-Celebrate friendship.


Look at the story of Jesus and his friends.  Discover what Jesus and his friends did together.  Have a go at acting out the story.

Have a think about:

  • How do we know they are friends?
  • What did Jesus and his friends do? (They worked, told people the Good News of God’s love for everyone, answered questions.)
  • Where did they go when they were tired?
  • What did they do together? (eat, shared experiences, rested)
  • Where do you go when you are tired?
  • Who do you talk to about your experiences of the day?  e.g. what has gone well/what has not.
  • Where do you go to be quiet and still