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Religious Education


R.E. at St Mary's is centric to everything we do and achieve. The children that attend our school fully buy into and understand what we learn throughout our R.E. journey, not just in Year 5 but throughout their time here. This helps the pupils become an example of everything positive about our faith and someone every member of staff is genuinely proud of.





Our topic for this term is called Mission. Within this topic we will be looking at community and how the children within that community are the glue that bonds it together.

We will look at celebrations that the community can enjoy together, this can be something as simple as attending mass on Sunday or to something as grand as a First Holy Communion or even a wedding.


Year 5 Lenten Topic Memorial Sacrifice.


Year 5 have really engaged in their topic for Lent and the work they have produced is outstanding. Their 'Big Question' is 'Why do we need memories?' and the children have shown through not only their work, but their discussions too, how they have embraced the topic fully and are using scripture within their work to give reasons for their answer whilst making links to their own lives. 

The children have a great understanding of the Eucharist being a memorial of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross and that Christ gives his body and blood for the salvation of all people, providing hope for the future