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Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online 


Make sure you know the SMART rules:


  • S - SAFE: To keep safe online, don't give out your personal information - full name, email address, phone number, home address or school.

  • M - MEETING: Meeting someone you have met online can be dangerous. Only meet if your parents or carers agree and they can be with you.

  • A - ACCEPTING: Accepting emails and messages from people you don't know can be risky, especially if they have attachments - they can contain viruses or nasty messages.

  • R - RELIABLE: Information you find on the internet may not be reliable, and people may not be who they say they are.

  • T - TELL: Tell your parent, carer or an adult you trust if something makes you feel worried or if you know someone is being bullied online.

Internet Safety for Children and Parents/Carers 


This is a brilliant website that has been designed to help parents/carers find out about internet safety. There are links to other websites with advice and tips for parents/carers and children.

There are different activities on internet safety for children as well as, helpful information for parents/carers to learn more about internet safety.


ThinkUKnow Internet Safety 


Another excellent internet games website for parents/carers and children


TikTok Guide for Parents/Carers