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Staying Safe Online

Make sure you know the SMART rules:

  • S - SAFE: to keep safe online, don't give out your personal information - full name, email address, phone number, home address or school.
  • M - MEETING: Meeting someone you have met online can be dangerous. Only meet if your parents or carers agree and they can be with you.
  • A - ACCEPTING: Accepting emails and messages from people you don't know can be risky, especially if they have attachments - they can contain viruses or nasty messages.
  • R-RELIABLE: Information you find on the internet may not be reliable, and people may not be who they say they are.
  • T - TELL: Tell your parent, carer or an adult you trust if something makes you feel worried or if you know someone is being bullied online.

Useful links


Internet Safety for Parents and Children

This is a great site designed to help parents find out about internet safety. There are links to sites with tips and advice for parents, children and teens.

There are activities on internet safety for kids and teens. Plus helpful information for parents to learn more about internet safety.


'ThinkUknow' Internet Safety Site

Excellent internet advice and games site for parents and children.


Tik Tok Guide for Parents

Here's an internet safety crossword if you fancy having a go at it!