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Year Four & Five

W E L C O M E   T O   T H E   Y E A R  4/5   C L A S S   P A G E  



Welcome to Year 4/5!

Class Teacher: Mrs Lowes

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Goodfellow


Welcome to Year 4/5. We are delighted to welcome you back to school and look forward to working with you all! We can't wait to see you flourish and grow, and to celebrate all of your successes this year! In Year 4/5, we work hard, never give up, and always try our best. When we work together we know that we can achieve amazing things! heart



T H I S   T E R M   W E   A R E   H I S T O R I A N S

The Anglo-Saxons and Scots


This term we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Scots and investigating the key events that happened during this time period. Our learning journey will delve into the invasion of Britain by the Anglo-Saxons, how each of the 7 Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms were ruled, what daily life was like for an Anglo-Saxon including their beliefs, and why Alfred the Great was so important.

Our lessons will support our understanding throughout the term, which will give us the answer to the question, "What are the Anglo-Saxons remembered for?"


Do you think you would liked to have lived in the Anglo-Saxon era?



W H A T   E L S E   A R E   W E   L E A R N I N G ?


Maths - This term our topics are reasoning with large integers, addition and subtraction, line graphs and timetables.


English - We will be learning how to write a newspaper article about the battle of Hastings, based on the book 'The Anglo-Saxon Boy'.


Reading - Our class book this term is 'The Anglo-Saxon Boy' by Tony Bradman. Reading will take place daily and children will learn a range of skills to help them with their comprehension and understanding. Your child will have a reading book from school to take home and are encouraged to read at least 3 times a week.


Science - Our topic this term is Earth and Space - wait till you see the 3D planets in our classroom!


RE - Our topics this term will be 'Ourselves' and 'Life Choices'. All of our RE lessons focus on making links, describing, showing understanding, giving reasons and showing how.


PSHCE - We be learning about e-safety and how to stay safe online.


PE - Mr O'Neil will be teaching Netball on a Monday, and Mrs Lowes will be teaching ball skills on a Tuesday.


Music - This term we are learning to sing Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Children will learn to sig in unison, and play some of the instrumental parts.


Design and TechnologyThis term we are completing our first DT topic called ‘Electrical Systems: Doodlers’. In this unit children will learn how motors are used in electrical products.


Spanish - We be learning how to say the names of the planets in Spanish.


N O T I C E   B O A R D


PE DAYS - Monday and Tuesday - Please bring outdoor and indoor kit where possible.


HOMEWORK - New spellings will be given out every Monday, ready for a spelling test on a Friday afternoon.


UNIFORM - We have a beautiful uniform at St Mary's and we pride ourselves on our fantastic appearance. Please make sure you attend school in the correct uniform, always looking lovely and neat!


EXTRA CURRICULAR - We will be taking part in a netball tournament at Sir Thomas Wharton this term. Details of the event will be shared nearer the time!


D O N ' T   F O R G E T . . .  

O U R    C L A S S    G A L L E R Y 

Please see our wonderful learning showcased below!

O U R    C L A S S    T I M E T A B L E