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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Powell and Mrs Darbyshire


On this page you will find information and news about the exciting things that happen in Year 1.


Our PE days are  Monday and Friday. Please remember your PE kits and remember to come to school without earrings on these days.


Book changing days are on our Parent Notice Board.


Homework for this half term is to create a Dinosaur Diary. We will be sharing these every Friday in class.


Keep checking our webpage for updates of our learning.

Our topic to start 2018 off with a bang is Dinosaur Planet. We will be finding lots of facts about dinosaurs, and we might even invent, design and make one of our own! As part of this topic, we will be making giant dinosaur eggs, writing dinosaur riddles, going on a dinosaur hunt and inviting a dinosaur to tea. So we will be writing shopping lists, character descriptions and inventing our own story of 'a dinosaur who came to tea' - will our dinosaur be a carnivore or a herbivore? We need to know so that we can plan our dinosaur tea party.

To start our Dinosaur Planet topic off, we invited Dean, from Meet a Creature, to visit us in Year 1. As dinosaurs were a diverse group of reptiles (some were basically 'big lizzards' - and lizzards are reptiles) Dean brought three lizards and some other reptiles for us to look at, observe and hold. He also brought some other interesing animals along too! We were lucky enough to be able to hold a bearded dragon, a water dragon, a gecko, a royal python, a corn snake, a tortoise, a tarantula, a chinchilla, a millipede and a giant African snail. Do you know which ones are reptiles? Do you know which of the reptiles are lizards? We had a fabulous afternoon doing observational drawings and holding the animals. Walking like an insect, a spider and a millipede was great fun too! To finish off our fun-filled afternoon, we took part in a group competition to design and draw a dinosaur landscape. Who do you think won? Have a look at the photos below. What an exciting afternoon we had!

Our topic to end 2017 was Memory Box. We thought about special events that we can remember, and found out about things that happened in the past before we were born. We took part in a Teddy Bear's Parade! Check out our photos below - we did have fun! As part of our R.E., English and history lessons, we looked back at photos of when we were babies and special family occasions. Traditional tales and fables were a focus for our reading and writing, and we learned how to retell stories with actions.

Here are some photos of our Teddy Bear's Parade. We brought out teddy bears into class and paraded them proudly around school. After our parade, we split into groups and asked each other questions about our special bears. The following day, we enjoyed writing in past tense about our fun-filled Teddy Bear's Parade.

Our topic to start the year off was Paws, Claws and Whiskers! So we were looking at animals around the world and locally. We had an exciting start to the school year with this topic as lots of visitors cam into Year 1. As part of this topic, we also visited Austerfield Study Centre. We looked at animals around the world and classified them into groups. We had fun building habitats for the local Austerfield animals. To finish our topic, and celebrate our learning, we held a Pet Party. We had lots of fun with our families and pets sharing cake, biscuits and juice, and we also enjoyed performing the songs we had learned about the seven continents and five oceans. Check out the photos below!

To celebrate our learning we ended our topic with a Pet Party. We brought our stuffed pets along and invited our family members to share some light refreshments with us. During our party, we performed some songs that we had learned: The Seven Continents, The Five Oceans, The Alphabet, The Days of the Week and The Months of the Year. It was great fun!

Emma, from the Dog's Trust, came to teach us how to care for dogs. We learned what dogs need to be healthy and happy. She also taught us how to stay safe if an unknown dog approaches us!

Lisa, from the Rotherham Dog Rescue centre, brought Peanut in to visit us. Peanut is a five-year-old rescue dog. She can do lots of tricks - she can jump, sit, roll over and she's a very good dancer!

Mrs Osborne brought her dog, Alfie, in to visit. Mrs Osbourne showed us how she takes care of Alfie in order to keep him healthy and happy. He had lots of fun in Year 1, and then he enjoyed a little rest in Mr Bratt's office.

We saw lots of different animals from around the world when we visited Austerfield Study Centre. We classified them too! Do you know which ones are reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds or fish? And what about invertebrates?