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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Powell 

On this page you will find information and news about the exciting things that happen in Year 2. 

Morning Practice / Deepen

 Please come along and support your child with their practice/deepen activities in maths and English from 8:40am every morning. You can also help your child to select a home reading book too! 

P.E. days are Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Home Reading

Our home reading has changed! You are now able to change your book as often as you like! We have a selection of book banded home reading books available in our classroom for you to choose from. It's up to you what you choose, and how often you change your book, but please make sure that you stick to your correct book band level. We have also provided a selection of book band leaflets and bookmarks for you to take home to help you with your reading strategies and questioning techniques. Remember to fill in your Book Band leaflet - when it's complete, bring it back into class to receive a certificate from Mr Bratt and a prize from Mrs Powell! How many certificates will you collect this term? Some children have already collected more than one - well done Alice!

Summer Term...


Our topic to start the Summer Term for Pentecost was Spread the Word. We learned about the gift of the Holy Spirit, and how Christians share in the mission of the Church by spreading the Good News of the message of love of the risen Christ.

We then learned about Islam: how family life is important, how they pray and their family life. We wrote fact sheets about this. It was lovely to learn about how how important praying and home life is to them.

Our final two topics for this term are Rules and Treasures

Our learning this term will be based around our class text: The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. In our science lessons, we will be looking at life cycles and food chains. We will be using Dave McKean's illustrations to create black and white images of wolves and other wild animals in our art lessons, and looking at wild animal habitats around the world. 

It was fun listening to stories read to us by Owen on World Book Day.

It was fun listening to stories read to us by Owen on World Book Day. 1
Spring Term 2...


Our first topic was Thanksgiving. As we started this topic last term, we continued to learn about the Eucharist and the Last Supper.

Our next topic was Opportunities. We thought about Lent, and how Lent is an opportunity to choose to do good in preparation for Easter. We learned about the events of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Our topic for Spring 2 was The Scented Garden. Our English lessons were be based around our class text: The Enchanted Wood. In our science lessons, we performed experiments on plant growth and learned about the parts of plants and trees. Van Gogh's Irises and Sunflowers paintings helped to inspire our art lessons. We looked at plants that grow in the rainforests around the world,  and in our local area, and compared and contrasted their similarities and differences. Owen, from Active8, taught us ball skills and team games in our P.E. lessons.

Take a look at our science experiments!

Take a look at our science experiments! 1
Take a look at our science experiments! 2

We loved learning about the brain in our Thrive Sessions!

We loved learning about the brain in our Thrive Sessions! 1

Spring Term 1...


Our first topic was Books. We began to explore this topic by thinking about books that are used at home and in school. Throughout this topic. we looked at what books are used in Church by the parish family, what is special about the Bible, and why the Bible is important to us.

Our next topic this term was Thanksgiving. We learned about the Eucharist and the Last Supper.

Picture 1
Picture 1

Our topic for Spring 1 was Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. Many of our lessons were based around our class text: The Worst Witch. We painted Mildred's cat, in our art lessons, using Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!' as inspiration. In our music lessons, we played tuned and untuned instruments to create magical mayhem music to complement our narrative descriptions of Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. As part of our geography and history lessons, a visit to Conisbrough Castle took place to find out why Conisbrough was a significant location on which to build the castle, the function and role of the castle, and the lives of past residents. To help us to understand materials - their suitability and uses - our science lessons were based on using experiments to find out, for example, if bricks (used to build castles) are absorbent. A highlight for this topic was our visit to Sheffield Lyceum to see The Worst Witch. We raised money to help reduce the ticket price by holding a bun sale in school. It was a lovely finish to our topic.

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Our trip to Conisbrough Castle was great fun! Although it was cold, the sun was shining and we learned lots about the castle and its location.

Picture 1
Autumn 2 term...


After completing our learning about Baptism through our Signs and Symbols topic, we moved on to learning about Judaism this term.  We baked Challah bread as a way of understanding how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat - it smelled and tasted scrumptious! During Advent, we thought about preparing for special times, and learned that Advent is four weeks of preparation for the celebration of Jesus at Christmas.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Our topic for Autumn 2 was Land Ahoy! Our geography lessons were based on learning abut the four countries of the UK, the capital cities and surrounding seas. We used world maps, atlases and globes to locate the UK, other countries, continents and oceans of the world. During this topic we looked at the vessels of famous sea explorers (Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Henry Hudson, Caprain Cook and modern day sea explorers such as Ellen MacAuthur). We used Henri Rousseau's Surprised! as a model to create our own paintings of tigers. Animals, including humans, how they grow and what they need to be healthy, was our science focus this term. 
Autumn 1 term...


Our first topic to start the year off was Beginnings. We learned about new beginnings: why some are easy and some are more difficult.  We thought about new beginnings and learned that God is there for us at every new beginning. The story of Creation was our particular focus, and we looked at psalms and litanies that praise God for the beautiful world that we live in. 

Picture 1

Our first topic to begin the year was Wriggle and Crawl. In our science and geography lessons, we looked at animals and minibeasts in their habitats in our local area and school environment. We enjoyed a local walk to Martinwells Lake (see photos below), and a visit to Austerfield, to look at minibeasts and their habitats. Pond dipping was particularly enjoyable as we were able to catch and observe many different invertibrates that live there. We drew and shaded detailed minibeasts, and created an army of ants, in our art and design lessons. We watched a video clip of Austin's butterly, and used this technique to help us improve our watercolour scientific paintings of invertibrates. Owen has taught us lots of ball skills and team game techniques in our P.E. lessons.

Our walk around Martinwells Lake observing invertebrates in their habitats.