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Please click on the link below to view out SEND Policy and Accessibility Plan

Welcome to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) at St Mary's Catholic Primary School.


At St Mary's Catholic Primary School, we value each and everyone of God's children equally. We pride ourselves on the support we give to all our pupils. For those pupils who have difficulties in accessing any part of their school life, we use the Graduated Approach for SEND to enhance our Quality First Provision. We work closely with agencies and professionals to seek the best support at the appropriate time, from the Local Authority and NHS Trust Services and Teams.


Our Special Educational Needs (and Disabilities) Coordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Louisa Townsend.


Mrs Townsend can be contacted by appointment via the school office.


[This part of the website is currently under construction]


Our ethos for those with additional needs or SEND:

We want all of our pupils, regardless of their needs, to aspire to have a future with limitless possibilities and opportunities. St Mary's School aims to be the start of their adventure, supporting each individual to attain these dreams.


This ethos has been recognised in our latest Ofsted Inspection, which took place in December 2021. In the Inspection Report, it was recorded:

"Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) do well at this school because staff think very carefully about how to help them. The relationships between staff and pupils are very strong" (page 2).

"The special educational needs coordinator is an expert in her field. She provides staff with helpful advice and guidance. This means that pupils with SEND get the help they need to access the same ambitious curriculum as their peers. Teachers adapt their lessons to meet pupils' individual needs. This helps all pupils, but especially those with SEND, to feel confident and learn well" (page 3).


How we support those with additional needs is detailed in our SEND Policy, SEND Information Report and the Accessibility Plan (see above). These documents outline our approach to the support we deliver across the Graduated Approach for SEND. As a summary, this is how we support those pupils with additional needs at each level of the Graduated Approach for SEND: