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Understanding the World

Understanding the World


Understanding the World (UW) is one of the four specific areas of learning in the EYFS framework. It involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology, and the environment.

This afternoon, EYFS took part in a fairy house building session. They began by creating our own journey sticks which were used by Native Americans to help them remember what journeys and adventures they have been on. Each group then worked together to build their own small world fairy house using a range of building blocks, sticks and natural materials. Great teamwork EYFS!

This afternoon, EYFS have been comparing the differences in farming equipment (old and new) from the past and present. We discovered that in the past butter was made by placing cream in a container and shaking it until it has broken down into butter. This inspired us to work in groups to make our own butter which we will taste tomorrow with some crusty bread. Great team work EYFS! 🍞

We have been kindly donated some seeds and sprouting potatoes for our gardening area. This morning, the children put on their wellies and gloves to help clear the gardening area and plant these in our pots and planters. We talk about how we can look after the seeds to make sure they grow by giving them enough water and compost 🥔🌱

This week we have been thinking about what dinosaurs ate in the past. Children sorted dinosaurs into different groups and used clues to decide whether each dinosaur was a plant eater or meat eater. We even made our own dinosaur poo adding leaves and meat into the mixture 🦖🦕

Take a look at the fantastic dinosaur fossils the children have made earlier this week 🦕

This afternoon, we have been Palaeontologists studying different dinosaur bones and used our own bodies to make a dinosaur skeleton. The children started the lesson on a fossil hunt around the class. We then discussed the similarities and differences between the human skeleton and dinosaur skeletons. They then used tracing paper to create a dinosaur bone of their choice. We are super proud of their finished designs and their concentration 🦖

Jack frost certainly made a frosty appearance this morning 🥶 The children loved making marks and writing their names in the frost. We even tested how long a piece of ice took to melt in by leaving it in different areas of the outdoor provision 🧊🌨️ We love outdoor learning in EYFS

Winter Wonderland - We started the lesson by drinking hot chocolate while listening to a winter story. We discussed as a class how we find it easy to find food and drink throughout the winter season but for some animals they find it difficult. The children made bird feeders which they placed outside in a safe spot for the birds to eat..

What is Winter? 


When you hear the word Winter what does it make you feel?

"It makes me feel cold"


"In Winter my daddy plays in the snow with me. He throws snowballs"


How does your body tell you it is cold outside?

"I can see my breath"

"Body is cold"

"Sometimes my fingers and toes go cold"


How do you keep warm in the Winter season?

"I put on my coat to keep warm"

"My scarf is red, red is my favourite colour"

"I have gloves"

This afternoon, EYFS went on an Autumn walk around the school field. We found lots of Autumn treasures including leaves, sticks and berries. Back in class we observed and discussed the different shapes, colours and sizes of the items we found 🍁🍂