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Our Lenten Journey 2022

Ash Wednesday Mass

To start our Lenten Journey, all classes attended a beautiful Ash Wednesday Mass, which was led by the G.I.F.T Team. 



Each class has been working on their Lenten Promises and we brought these to Mass to be presented. Lent is not just a time for giving something up, but for remembering the sacrifice that Jesus would ultimately make for us. 

These promises are a reminder to us of that. 


Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Lent is a time when we fast – this means to stop eating a certain food or refrain from an action. Lent can also be a time for extra prayer or a time for giving. These actions can lead us to be closer to God.

Lent is also a time for us to ask God for his forgiveness if we have done anything wrong.


During Ash Wednesday Mass, we are invited to the front of the church, where Fr John or a minister will put ashes on our forehead in the sign of a cross. The cross is a symbol that reminds us of Jesus’ death and the sacrifice He made for us. 


RE Display Boards


As we enter the season of Lent, we change our colours to purple on our RE boards to reflect this important time of year. Each class changed their boards on Ash Wednesday and as we continue our journey through this special time, we will add to our boards the children's work as well as adding to our Collective Worship folders and any acts of kindness or prayers that the children have written will also go on our displays. All our boards include each year groups key vocabulary and driver words to help them in their RE work and to enable them to have a focal point in which they can use to guide them through the most important time of the Church's year. 



Helping others during Lent


As well as making our Lenten promises, all classes have chosen a cause or an activity that will help others during Lent as it is also a time for giving back and supporting others. 


Nursery and EYFS decided to bake cakes and donate the money to the Ukrainian appeal as their act of kindness.  As a class, they spoke about those who are more in need and what the benefits are of giving to others. Reading the scripture John 15:12 "This is my commandment: love each other just as I have loved you" They also discussed how Jesus loved us in an extraordinary way and it's up to us to take the love we receive from him and bring that love and goodwill into our community. This was a great link to their collective worship lesson where they chose an act of kindness from a bowl which was to give time to others and help family. 



What has each class done as part of their Lenten journey?

Collective Worship In Class


All of our Year groups have led special Lent collective worships in each Year group as we enter this special time of Year. The Collective Worship that the children have led have been beautiful and have really showcased their understanding of what Lent truly means. 



To celebrate the start of Lent, Years 1 and 2 took part in a special Collective Worship at our Parish Church. The Children wrote prayers for the people of Ukraine and as they went around the circle reading them, they blew bubbles to represent them floating up to God.