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Pastoral Care



Welcome to our Pastoral page! It is a place where everyone supports each other, no matter what, and that support will always be here.  smiley


We are truly living in unprecedented times and all doing our best to stay well, keep our loved ones safe, be socially responsible and ‘do our bit’. This is where our resilience, empathy, compassion and patience come into their own. Some of us will struggle and not know who to turn to for help. To help with this I have attached details of agencies that are offering support for parents and children in the links below. Please take a look and use these agencies as they may be able to help you at this difficult time.


I thank you for sharing the schools vision to empower children, to value and protect them and to give them the tools to be ‘good people’, perhaps especially in a world that is this unpredictable.


I hope your journey through the next few weeks and months is as safe and healthy as possible and look forward to continuing to work with you all.


With all good wishes,

Mrs Henshaw




When might a family need Early Help?


It could be that a family is worried about their child’s health, development or behaviour, or perhaps because they are caring for a disabled child. Maybe the family are affected by family relationships, drugs or alcohol or they are experiencing personal distress or anxiety, financial or housing problems. 

By getting help from the right services at the right time, and as early in a child’s life as possible, we can prevent or reduce potential problems for children as they grow up.