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GIFT (Growing In Faith Together) Team

The G.I.F.T Team


The G.I.F.T Team has been set up to help and strengthen the Catholic Life of the school. Our team work as Ambassadors in ensuring we are following God's path and making sure that Jesus is at the centre of all we do. 


So far this year, The G.I.F.T Team have  organised and took part in all our school masses taking an active role in its preparation. They also helped to collect food for Harvest and organised the collection of this food by Edlington Food Bank.


We also help to lead Collective Worship across school and show others how important our weekly Gospel Assemblies are!


Miss Padian and Mrs Keeton. 

Ash Wednesday Mass


To mark the start of Lent, our whole school took part in a beautiful Mass at our local parish St. Mary's which was led by the G.I.F.T Team who took part by doing The Introduction, First Reading, The Offertory, bringing up our 'Lenten Promises' and Thank You Prayers. They had practised these before hand with myself and Mrs Keeton and they were a credit to our school as they all did their different parts wonderfully. 




Gospel Assembly


As well as taking an active part in our whole school masses, the G.I.F.T Team have also taken part in led and helped organise Gospel Assemblies which takes place every Monday and is delivered by Mrs. McCall. During Gospel Assembly, The G.I.F.T Team have acted out the Gospel for that week and have asked questions to the rest of the school to see what they think the message is and how this links to their lives. When the mission is given to the school at the end of our gathering, it is part of G.I.F.T Teams roles t be seen to being following the mission and act as ambassadors for the school so they are setting the right example. 

Leading Gospel Assembly

Helping Those in Our Community


As well as showing others within our school community how to live out Jesus' words, The G.I.F.T Team have also taken an active role in their local community. With the help of Mrs. Keeton, we collected all of the food that had been donated by each class as part of Harvest Mass and we made sure that it went to those in need by taking it all to our local food bank who were very grateful for effort everyone had gone to in helping others in need!