St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

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At St Mary's, our intent is to teach children to:

Decode texts effortlessly so they can build skills to be used to comprehend what they read.

To use their phonic knowledge to spell effortlessly so they can concentrate on the writing they are creating.

Be enthusiastic readers and life long readers.



At St Mary's, we use the Read, Write Inc scheme to ensure that children can recognise sounds, blend, decode and spell. The RWI scheme allows children to read with confidence and master the skill of basic reading and reading comprehension skills. All of our reading leaders are enthusiastic about reading and are specialist reading teachers. 



Children leave St Mary's with a love of reading and all the skills that they need to become life long readers.



Phonics Opportunities at St Mary's Catholic Primary School


Children are given book bag books that match their phonics level

Phonics lessons take place daily

1:1 coaching sessions take place daily

Parent workshops take place for EYFS and Year 1 parents

Indoor and outdoor learning opportunities

Cross-curricular teaching and modelling

Access to a broad range of resources to support the application of phonics in reading and writing

Timetabled library slots for every year group

Whole class story time takes place daily



Do you like phonics?

"Yes. I can learn any word in the pack!"


What do you learn in phonics?

"Words. Split digraphs. Writing the words and speedy green words help me to read in my head. Red words. Last one is I love the teachers!"


How do your teachers help you in phonics?

"By teaching us the sound."


Are you good at phonics?

"Yes, I’m good at the writing."


What is your favourite thing about phonics?

"Reading the book!"

We love sharing stories to develop a love of reading!

Children enjoying their library slots!

Our EYFS children enjoy sharing a story with their Year 6 reading buddies!