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Lesson 5 - We are getting better at making creative choices! We thought about what actions you complete when you wake up in the morning e.g. brushing teeth, having a wash etc. Children then chose instruments to match that action!

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Lesson 4 - Nursery listened to the story 'The colour monster'. We discussed the different emotions in the story and used the instruments to make loud, quiet, happy, sad, soft and angry sounds.

Lesson 3 - Today we are getting better and understanding how sound can create feeling. The children listened to the story of 'The Colour Monster' and how each colour means a different feeling. We then together decided which instruments best represent that feeling e.g. red means angry so we made loud sounds with drums and cymbals.

Lesson 3 - Nursery loved exploring and experimenting with the different percussion instruments. We shared the story 'Were going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosan and played the instruments quietly, loudly, quickly and slowly to represent the different sounds.

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Lesson 2 - Today we are getting better at making sounds using instruments to create a feeling. We listened to the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' and for each time the family move through different terrain, the children chose an instrument they thought best suited e.g. they chose rain sticks for when the children were walking through the river.

Lesson 2 - This afternoon, nursery listened to the song 'There was a Princess Long Ago', We sang and performed the song as a group and the children were encouraged to join with the different actions. They pretended to lie down and sleep and mimed chopping with a sword.

Lesson 1 - Today we are getting better at understanding how our bodies move to music. We listened to the song 'Teddy bears picnic' and we thought about how it made us feel, how we could move our bodies to the pulse of the music, and how we could make sounds such as stomping our feet to match the music.

Lesson 1 - Nursery gathered together with teddy bears and listened to the song 'Teddy Bears Picnic'. We practised singing along to the song with some actions and facial expressions.