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History at St. Mary's

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

Winston Churchill



History at St. Mary's is designed to fire and excite children's curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world and how this relates to what is happening in our world today. We take our children on a journey through time to give them broad chronological and coherent knowledge of history; where all time periods fit in and how they relate to each other. We then delve deep into key areas of history to get that depth of understanding and developing their skills as historians. It is vital we equip our children with both the knowledge and skills to become great historians. 



During the spring term History is our focus, which is known as our 'discover' term. Each class explores a different period in time and teachers present their class with an enquiry question that they work through the term to unpick and answer. Key stage 1 conduct half termly projects whereas Key stage 2 are termly to give children the time to explore in depth and develop their historical skills. Their history skills are mapped out progressively and built upon year on year through chronology, enquiry, knowledge and historical interpretation. 

  • Teachers start with a timeline and constantly refer to this throughout their project to ensure understanding of history over time. 
  • Use of artefacts from our local museum provides children with high quality primary sources to investigate. Artefacts help children question and understand the past. 
  • Immersive classrooms created with the children to bring their projects to life. 
  • A focus on high quality language to develop the children's vocabulary. 
  • Provide life experiences for our children through a project related trip or a visitor into the classroom. 


  Enquiry Question Curriculum Content
Year 1

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?

The journey of the Dinosaurs

Year 2 What can we learn from the past to make our future magical? 

Kings and Queens: Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II

Year 3 What did the Romans do for us?  The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain
Year 4 How did it all begin?  Ancient civilisations
Year 5 Should we accept our place in society? 

A study in British history to extend pupils' chronological knowledge beyond 1066. 

The changing power of monarchs 

Changes in social history - crime and punishment

Significant turning points - inventions

Year 6 Is war ever justified? 


A local history study 

Cause and consequence

Significant turning points




Children at St. Mary's are excited about history! They have both the historical knowledge and the skills they can then apply in other areas. They will gain rich technical vocabulary that they understand and can use in context and they will understand the effects of history over time and how it has had an impact on their lives today. Teachers mainly use formative assessment tools with elements of summative assessment to ensure their judgement, of each child, in history is accurate.