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Computing at St Mary's

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination." Albert Einstein



All pupils at St Mary’s are given the opportunity to be engaged in the digital era we live in. We aim to prepare our children for the ever-changing technological world, by providing a curriculum that is not only rich in computer-based opportunities, but lessons in the core ideas of computing.

Our computing curriculum is designed to create digitally literate children, through providing an education that teaches both computer science, in which children are taught the fundamental principles of computing, alongside encouraging them to use different forms of digital media and devices to express themselves. At St Mary’s, computing is mainly embedded within our enquiry based termly projects, subsequently enhancing the variety of projects, which supports the children’s learning.

This curriculum will introduce some children to the world of computing, whilst enhancing the skills others may already have. We believe it is vital to prepare our children for their future endeavours, by equipping them with a computing curriculum that is rich in fundamental computer sciences, together with the confidence to use their practical skills to become active participants in the digital world.



At St Mary’s, our children are immersed in a computer-rich curriculum through our engaging, enquiry based projects. Teachers plan these projects to include various opportunities for children to learn about the fundamental principles of computing, that encourages them to engage thoroughly in their chosen enquiry question. Children are encouraged to practice their digital practical skills to express their ideas and create pieces of work through different digital formats, the progression in which will be evident as they advance through school.

An imperative part of our computing curriculum is teaching the children to use technology safely, in which we use a pupil-centred approach. What do the pupils of St Mary’s need to know about digital safety? Children will be educated in the importance of E-Safety, according to their individual/class needs; this will be done from EYFS to Year 6, with a clear progression of skills throughout. Issues that are age-related will be addressed in each year group, which we will engage parents in also, where necessary. Our children will be aware of who can they can speak to for help and support, should they have any concerns, or recognise unacceptable behaviour online.

We also believe it is important for children to become accustomed to technological language, therefore teachers are encouraged to use topic-specific language and vocabulary. To fully enrich our children in the realistic world of technology, local experts will be invited into school, to enhance their learning experience, which will support our journey in creating competent and confident creative users of information and communication technology.



After engaging with our curriculum amalgamation of: computing fundamentals, problem solving skills, computational thinking and creativity, the children at St Mary’s will be confident and equipped to continue their journey into information and communication technology, which will be at a suitable level for the future workplace. Children that leave St Mary’s, will be safe and responsible users of information technology, that are able to participate, understand and transform, a rapidly changing world.