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Dear Parents, Carers and Prospective Parents and Carers,
If your child or children are already part of St. Mary’s then you will know that we are a very caring school where your children come first. We believe that every child is special and that they deserve the best education possible. We firmly believe that all of our children develop spiritually, morally, socially and academically whilst in our school. Our pupils are happy and enjoy coming to school and feel safe in the caring environment we provide.
Our staff make it their priority to build good relationships with children and their families as it is through this partnership and with their Parish family that children really grow. We welcome parents into our school at the end of the day so that communication between teachers and parents is ongoing and beneficial. I make every effort to always be available to parents if they need to talk as soon as possible.
If you are considering St Mary’s for your child or children then please get in touch with us and I will personally meet you and show you around our school. As a Catholic school we pride ourselves on our caring ethos, welcoming children who are Catholic, from other Faiths or who wish to be supportive of our Catholic ethos.
It’s sometimes difficult to put into words what our school feels like but children recently told an RE Inspector that:
“Our school is a big, happy family.” “We have really nice teachers – they make learning fun.” “Wherever you go in school you will always find a smile!”
I’d like to thank all of our families for their ongoing support to St Mary’s and very much look forward to welcoming new families into our school.



Mr C Bratt