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Year 6

iLearnAI - Today we understood that AI can be trained to extract patterns from our movement and respond to it.

iLearnAI - Today we explored the concept of human bias impacting machine learning

iLearnAI - Today we learnt and understood the effect training data has on the accuracy of a machine learning system.

iLearnAI - Today we understood what Artificial Intelligence is.

iData - Today we created graphs and charts on Microsoft Excel and changed them using data from the spreadsheet.

iData - Today we entered formula to calculate totals

iData - Today we explored spreadsheets and discovered that they can be used to store numerical data

iData - Today we identified and named parts of a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel.

iNetwork - Today we were understanding that a network is a group of connected computers

iNetwork - Today we were understanding how a router sends/receives information as packets of data

iNetwork - Today we were tracing URLs to their particular webserver.

iNetwork - Today we were understanding that search engines maintain and rank other websites on the world wide web

iNetwork - Today we were recognising and used basic HTML syntax