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School Council

At St. Mary's, pupil voice is highly regarded within our school. One of the ways our pupils can express their ideas is through the School Council. Our School Council plays an important role in making sure that all our children have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and opinions about life in the school. 


The School Council meet monthly to share opinions and ideas on things that matter to them. Each class across the age ranges, starting from Year 1 through to Year 6, have two main representatives that have been elected by their peers. The children are enthusiastic members and are keen to fulfil their role as a Councillor. The School Council will feedback from these meetings to their class. 


Our School Council Vision 

We want everyone in our school to always feel happy, safe and cared for. We want all children to be happy to come to school to learn and for everyone to be friends. 


What does the School Council council do? 

  • Listen to the views and concerns of other children 
  • Represent the views and opinions of the other children and discussing them in meetings
  • Come up with ideas to help improve the school 
  • Think of ways to contribute to our wider community and globally 
  • Support fundraising activities for a selection of charities. 
  • Attend meetings with the Head of School and Governors (where appropriate) 


Why Have a School Council? 

The idea of a School Council is to encourage children to develop their confidence and responsibility as a 'citizen' of the school. They will be encouraged to recognise what they like and dislike, what is fair and unfair and what is right and wrong. They will take part in debates on issues that are of particular interest to the pupils in the school. The children will begin to gain a greater insight into being part of a group, class, school, family and community. They will investigate how to make choices that improve their health and well-being. A very important aspect of school council meetings is being able to listen to other people and respect their views, beliefs and feelings. They will gain the skills needed to work co-operatively with others.