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Year 3

iConnect - Today in Y3 we were understanding how to find information using a search engine!

iConnect - Today we were looking at the main features of web browsers!

iConnect - Today in Year 3 we were using basic navigation skills to browse the world wide web! We even linked it to our Ancient Egypt topic!

iProgram - Today we were programming an animation using our own sprites!

iProgram - Today we were understanding that programs with graphics use x/y coordinates and added a background!

iProgram - Today we were programming a sequence of instructions that create visual effects, changing the appearance of our sprites!

iProgram - Today we were using algorithms that involved repetition, adding music to our existing creations!

iProgram - Today we were repeating a function to draw a 2D shape.

iProgram - Today we were combining images, sounds and movement to create a personal animation. We based ours on a playground!