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Year 4 - Practising and identifying money

Year 5 - Using angle makers and geoboards to recognise different types of angles.

Year 5 - Fractions. Finding tenths and hundredths of different amounts.

Year 5 - Finding equivalent fractions and recognising patterns in fractions.

Year 5 - Finding the area. Year 5 investigated how many children fit in a square meter and the area of our tables!

Year 5 Talk Task - Explaining in pairs how to solve multiplication problems

Year 6 using different methods to solve calculation problems

Year 3 have been using rulers to measure in CM and MM

Y4 have been learning how to draw time graphs.

Year 1 have been using ten frames to add and subtract numbers within ten.                                                           



Year 1 have been using numberlines to add and subtract numbers within ten.


Year 1 have been grouping 3D shapes. 


Year 2 have been using Dienes to support them with Place Value!

Year 2 have been using arrays to help them with calculating multiples of 10!

Year 2 in a Maths Meeting about Place Value!

Year 2 have been working on Multiplication and Division!

Year 3/4 creating their board games on Number Day 2023

Y6 Creating Optical Illusions Using Measuring

Y6 Using the Cuisenaire Rods for Ratio and Proportion!

Year 3/4 have been using standard partitioning to partition a 4 digit number!

Year 2/3 have been adding two-digit numbers using tens and ones!

Reception have been exploring numbers to 10